Promoting Fruit during Healthy Eating Week


  • One of the projects we took on as a team was organising healthy eating week in our school. Our aim was to get our students interested and more aware of how important it is to be healthy. Throughout this week there was a lot of different steps taken in moving towards these aims.
  • For example, on day 1 of healthy eating week there was free fruit for students to eat. Our local Lidl provided fruit to us and our team prepared and served all the lovely fruit at break time.
  • On day 2, we prepared fruit once again. We had a larger quantity of fruit as it went down so well on day one. Students filled their plastic cups with a variety of fruits we had to offer such as mango, melon, kiwi and berries.
  • On day 3 we made a range of juices and smoothies full of fruit and veggies such as kale, mixed berries, beetroot and bananas. We also had a range of toppings such as coconut.
  • On day 4 we made more smoothies. The LCA agriculture and horticulture team provided us with fresh cabbage.
  • On day 5 we prepared fruit and granola pots! These went down a treat for the last day of our healthy eating week.
  • We think that the students in our school loved everything we did for healthy¬†eating week and it was a great success as well as a very enjoyable week.